3 Ways Men Can Wear Gemstone Bracelet Jewelry to Dinner

The days of jewelry accessories only being a woman’s domain have been over for a long time. No longer held to rigid stereotypes, men are more free to express themselves in their appearance – and adding jewelry to their outfit is a great way to do that.


Looking for ideas?


Gemstone bracelets are a great place to start. A modern way to add personality to your look, wrist wear for men is quickly becoming a hot new trend.


Here are three ways men can use semi-precious gemstone bracelets to accessorize for a dinner date or a night out:


  1. Stack Your Bracelets. Stacking your bracelets, one on top of the other, adds impact and allows you to play with colors. Make a bold statement by stacking all the same color, or go for something more casual by choosing colors that complement what you are wearing.
  1. Wear One On Each Wrist. Balance out your accessory look by wearing one bracelet on each wrist. This is a great way to add some style without looking too flashy. If you’re new to wearing accessories, this is a great place to start.
  1. Keep It Simple and Understated. Some men like to keep things simple. And why shouldn’t they? One bracelet can accomplish a simple, yet stylish, look in an instant. Pick your favorite color or choose one that best matches your shirt, and be ready to go out the door.


Getting dressed for dinner doesn’t have to be complicated. But neither should looking stylish. Gemstone bracelets for men are a great way to accomplish savvy style in less than ten seconds.


Need to get ready for dinner? Ready, bracelet, go!

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