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Handmade Facemasks

The last couple of months have been pretty strange. Because of the coronavirus, we’ve seen entire industries shut down and people staying at home in quarantine.

Fortunately, most stores, hairdressers, and restaurants are reopening in the Netherlands and thus it’s finally time for us to go outside again. However, the coronavirus is still active and no vaccine has been discovered yet. We figured you might need some extra protection.

You know us from our handmade bracelets, not facemasks. So, we’ve been searching for a partner that can produce high quality, but still affordable facemasks.

We’ve decided to partner up with I’M fashion & accessories. Check out their fashionable facemasks from washable cotton with room inside for a protective filter. Best of all, they come in numerous styles and are handmade in the Netherlands.

 You can order by sending them a message on Instagram, Facebook, or website. Items are made to order, shipping can take up to 5 working days + delivery time.