Our Story

Unique handcrafted bracelets for men

Fascinated by bracelets, self-expression and craftsmanship, Fortuna Beads was established in 2015.

In a world where everyone looks uniform, it is our ambition to provide men a distinctive way to express their personality through unique handcrafted wrist-wear.

Semi-precious stones

Our products are made of semi-precious gemstones in combination with 925 Sterling Silver from all around the world, with an exclusive collection in Gold Plated. This approach gives a superior quality to our collections, meeting the high expectations of the well-dressed modern man.




We create seasonal collections which constantly reflect designs that give your outfits a personal twist and brings out the colour in your outfits. Our products are versatile enough to adapt to a wide variety of looks. With our three collections, your bracelet suits every occasion.

Casual – Sterling Silver Bracelets

The Casual collection is perfect for the weekend, as it offers a natural outdoors charm to casual wear. Whether you go shopping or you’re heading out for a walk on the beach, this collection suit best with your non-formal wear.

Business – Sterling Silver Bracelets

The Business Collection is our formal collection. If you’re heading to a business meeting, these silver bracelets gives smart, tailored outfits an edge.

Premium – Gold Plated Bracelets

The Premium collection  is designed to wear on special occasions. The collection is gold plated and inject an unexpected touch into your outfit.


  Fortuna Beads is only available online.

Men's Bracelets: FORTUNA BEADS - Sterling Silver and Gold-Plated Bracelets, with semi precious stones, for gentlemen.

Sterling Silver and Gold-Plated wrist-wear, with semi precious stones, for modern gentlemen.