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Here you can view all of our gemstone bracelets in one place. The Casual and Business collections contain a 925 sterling silver spacer, the Premium Collection is a 18k gold plated vermeil. All of our gemstone bracelets are 100% nickel free!

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Casual Collection

Wear the Casual gemstone bracelet collection when you have a day off. Whether you go to the beach or to the mall, these bracelets match best with your non- formal wear.

Business Collection

The Business gemstone bracelet collection is made for the office. You can wear it during a meeting, a job interview or just on a regular work day. These bracelets match best with your formal wear.

Premium Collection

The Premium gemstone bracelet collection is for those who are looking for something extra special. Going to the club or do you have a fancy dinner tonight? Make sure to grab one of these bracelets, so you can get a more luxurious touch in your outfit.

All of are bracelets are made of natural or dyed gemstones. That means the actual bracelet may be a little different then the pictures online.