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The Business Red Tiger Eye, gemstone bracelet is the perfect bracelet for your everyday formal wear. Made in the Netherlands, from true gemstones and three 925 sterling silver spacers, it is the most elegant detail to your outfit. Available in 3 wristsizes:

Small: <17 cm
Medium :17cm – 18,5 cm
Large: 18,5cm – 20 cm

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The Business Red Tiger Eye bracelet for men is part of our 925 sterling silver bracelets collection. The bracelet is elegant, simple, stylish and easy to wear. Made from dark Red Tiger Eye gemstones with a size of 6mm. In the middle of the bracelet are three 925 sterling silver spacers. The bracelet is held together by a 1mm elastic cord.

Elastic Cord

The 1mm elastic cord makes the bracelet easy and fast to take on and off within seconds. Because of the thickness of the elastic cord, we guarantee it will last for at least six-months in normal use. If the bracelet does break within six months you can send us the bracelet and we will fix it or replace it, free of charge!

Natural Gemstone Bracelet

The actual product may vary slightly from the picture, because gemstones are unique products of nature. All gemstones have unique powers. Red Tiger Eye is known for giving you more power in reaching your goals and helps you keep focus on what’s really important. This makes the Red Tiger Eye bracelet the perfect companion to become a better men.

925 Sterling Silver

The Business Line is part of our collection of bracelets for men in silver. In comparison to our Casual 925 sterling silver bracelets for men designs, the Business collection consist of three spacers in between of the gemstones. These are made of 925 sterling silver. 925 sterling silver consists of 92,5% silver and 7,5% of another material. Copper is used in this case. Because 925 sterling silver will not discolour over time, you can wear it whenever you want. After a while however, the brightness will fade. You can clean it using a silver cloth for example.

We sell our 925 sterling silver bracelets for men online only. All of our gold and silver spacers are made by italian jewelry shops.

100% Nickel Free

Some people are allergic to nickel. When wearing jewelry, which contains nickel, the skin can get irritated and red. There are a few health risks when it comes to nickel, including cancer:

Therefore we provide only 100% nickel free jewelry. We check all of our spacers, using XRF-analysis, so you can wear and keep wearing these bracelets without worrying about any health issues.

3 Sizes

3 sizes are available, to provide you with a perfect fit. Your bracelet won’t pinch because it’s too small or fall off because it’s too big. Measure your wrist in cm and choose for a Small, Medium or Large. Doubting about the size? Always go for the bigger one.

Although we design our gemstone bracelets for men, the smaller sizes S and M are suitable for most women too.

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