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Elevate your style and harness the power of positive energy with the new energy-inspired bracelet collection from FortunaBeads. Explore our handpicked selection of bracelets, each inspired by the rich tapestry of energies that surround us. Whether you’re seeking balance, love, healing, or protection, our bracelets are carefully imbued with the essence of these energies. Choose one for yourself, but they make a great gift too. Who would you like to give some extra energy?

This Energy bracelet is made of Yellow Tiger Eye gemstones. Yellow Tiger’s Eye is often associated with boosting confidence, attracting abundance, and enhancing mental focus, believed to provide courage and financial success while fostering emotional balance. This gemstone is also linked to creativity, protection, and grounding, though these effects are rooted in metaphysical beliefs. The description of the spiritual properties of this bracelet is based on traditional beliefs and cannot be scientifically proven. This bracelet is not a substitute for medical treatment or advice.

Dutch Design

Yellow Tiger Eye, Elastic cord.

This item is handmade in the Netherlands

Packed in the Netherlands

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8mm Yellow Tiger Eye gemstone beads.

This item is made for Men. Size Medium can fit most women’s wrists too.

  • Medium is for a wrist size from 16.5cm to 18 cm.
  • Large is for a wrist size from 18cm to 20cm.

Metal Beads

The center spacer is made of 304 stainless steel. This type of steel is colorfast and is considered hypo-allergenic. However, it  contains a small percentage of nickel and is not suitable for people with a nickel allergy.


Arrives in a natural color jewelry pouch with FortunaBeads logo.

Made of  organic cotton.