Nautical T2 Blue & Brown


Yes, we did it. We listened to all of our fans and created the ultimate Nautical bracelets, The T-series. Like this Nautical T2 in Blue and Brown colors. This bracelet is made of nylon rope, so the item is safe to wear in any weather, without the colors running out. A matt finish on the d-shackle makes this bracelet even more contemporary and easy to wear with most of your outfits. And best of all, you can’t lose the screw. That’s right, we moved the thread upside and added an extra metal piece underneath the screw, so it’s impossible to fall out. It’s a pretty unique design. What’s not to like?

Unique design, can’t lose the screw

Nylon rope, matt stainless steel clasp

This item is made in China

Packed in the Netherlands




8mm Nylon Rope. 11mm Stainless Steel Clasp.

Size Medium is suitable for small men’s wrists or regular women’s wrists. Size Large is suitable for a regular-size men’s wrist.

  • Medium is for a wrist size from 16.5cm to 18 cm.
  • Large is for a wrist size from 18cm to 20cm.
Nautical T clasp open


316L Surgical grade stainless steel D-shackle with matt finish.

Safe to use, the metal passed the European REACH norm for Nickel, Lead, and Cadmium release.

The unique design of the screw makes sure that you can’t lose it.

Nylon cord with single-sided nylon finish.


Arrives in a dark blue cardboard box with gold embossed “FortunaBeads” logo. Perfect for storage and great for gifts.