of We get a lot of questions about the size of the FortunaBeads bracelets. Especially if the size of your wrist in cm/inch is close to two different sizes. For example, your wrist size is 17,5 cm and you like your bracelets to fit close to your wrist. What do you do?

So we made a measurement tool to make things clear. You can download it here, print it, cut it out and measure your wrist. Make sure to print the measurement true to size. You can check by using a credit card or any other standard size card and check with the line provided in the tool.

In this example, a wrist size of 17,5 cm, (about 7 inches) results in a bracelet size of Medium if you like a close fit. For a normal to loose fit, you can take size Large.

Remember, this tool is an indication of the size we recommend you to wear FortunaBeads bracelets. Not all bracelets have the same fit. For example, a Nautical S and C series bracelet always has a looser fit in comparison to a full beaded bracelet. Even if you choose both bracelets in size Medium, the Nautical bracelet will fit a little looser, otherwise, the bracelet might hurt your wrist.

Last, but not least, If you need a special size, don’t hesitate to contact us. All of the full beaded bracelets are available to custom sizing. This includes all Basic bracelets, Minimal, Premium, and Candy series. Do you have a wrist size of 14 cm or 23cm? Contact us. Italia and Nautical bracelets are not available for custom sizing.