Only for her

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The Start

At FortunaBeads we initially focussed on bracelets for men. It’s how our company started in 2015 and until today it’s the core of our business. However, at a certain point in 2017, we received so much demand for a women’s collection that we couldn’t ignore these requests.

Candy Spacer

That’s why in 2017 we’ve started a dedicated women’s collection. The first step was designing a new women’s spacer. A sweet looking design was born, the “Candy”. A 925 sterling silver spacer with an oxidized finish that looks like a candy wrapping.

The gemstones

The second step was finding a new series of gemstones. A new look, exclusively created for women. Gemstones like Amazonite,  Bamboo Leaf Agate, Regalite Sky Blue and a variety of dyed Jade were added to this collection. Creating a versatile collection with soft pastels, as well as intense colors. Suitable for every woman.